1. Our Mega Online Store requires you to log in to place an order, if you don’t have an account with us click “Log-in/Sign-up” at the right corner of the page and then follow the instructions. When successfully registered; you can go on to the second point.

 2. You can desire to search through the e-commerce site bar, and buy as many items as you like or you can desire to explore the site in search of awesome products promos & discounts and also through our departments. When succeeded on the wanted product and previewed; you can then add to cart.

 3. If you are shopping with Rhejoyce and you are wondering where the home is after going to several pages, you can go back to the home page by clicking on the logo at the left hand of the header or the footer.

 4. You can redirect to our other subsidiaries like the Rhejoyce Deals & Services, Rhejoyce Properties, Rhejoyce Oil & Gas; you can do that by clicking on the images at the central header.

 5. To see detailed view of your shopping basket, click on the Cart at the Right Hand of the Header, a side bar will appear from the right side of the screen. Removal of Item can also be done there, by clicking “remove item”

 6. When you are ready to finalise your order, click “Checkout” after viewing your cart.

 7. You will be presented with a total order confirmation page, including all order delivery, billing and payment option details, if everything is correct, click continue and make your payment if online payment only; (for full details of the offline payment, go to the mode of payment at the footer) then click submit your order.​

 8. You will be sent an invoice automatically to your e-mail. Then you can continue to explore the Rhejoyce site.

Thanking you for shopping at Rhejoyce, hoping that you have had a spectacular shopping experience.

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